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BT-150D type super hard (PCD&PCBN) tool grinding machine

BT-150D type super hard (PCD&PCBN) tool grinding machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  beijing
  • Brand Name:  demina
  • Model Number:  BT-150D

BT-150D is a three axis CNC tool grinding machine, it consists of the grinding wheel swing axis (X axis), the horizontal axis of the workpiece axis (C axis) and the workpiece feed axis (Y axis), such as the three axis. The machine tool is suitable for the production of large quantities of alloy blades, PCD, blades and CBN blades. As long as the completion of a switch will automatically finish grinding, diamond material (PCD) has high hardness, fast grinding wheel wear, the system can automatically detect the wear and compensation, can maintain the precision grinding of long time.

First, the characteristics of machine tools:

1, mechanical structure of the machine: machine tool bed (base) using 1.5 tons of integral casting, can meet the requirements of any super hard material grinding. The machine tool has a grinding fluid shield to ensure that the grinding fluid is not splashing around. Optical lens and CCD camera installed protective cover, ensure the lens without water at work, and to ensure that the optical adjustment shall be no intention to change. The machine is equipped with lights inside the bedside lamp and machine tool.

2: the machine tool spindle grinding head with high precision variable speed spindle power: 3 kilowatts, the maximum speed up to 3000 rpm, the use of recycled water cooling, the rotating precision grinding spindle end jump 0.002 mm, 0.003 mm diameter jump.

3, machine guide roller guide: using high precision, the rigidity of machine tool, precision and durability are obviously improved.

4, servo: the use of control servo structure, two support according to the feed axis (X axis, Y axis) and the two axis of rotation (C axis, A axis) through the servo motor control, can be used in the application of the four axis linkage. The grinding efficiency is improved, and the grinding quality is improved.

5, grinding: grinding head swing reciprocating swing mechanism are driven by AC servo motors, and the oscillation frequency in 0-50 / min, adjustable swing between 0 to 120 mm, the grinding wheel consumption, timely self sharpening, ensure the grinding precision and roughness. By the numerical control program to control the mechanical swing, swing, swing frequency and swing position can be set in the program.

6, angle encoder: after the detection of the tool, can accurately restore the tool grinding position, to avoid repeated grinding tool does not reset the ills, digital encoder angle resolution of 1 degrees.

7, the axial and radial wheel lock, wheel spindle radial locking technology, the two phase locking convex arc guide arms, achieve gapless smooth contact, greatly enhance the rigidity of the equipment, the grinding quality of cutting edge to improve a grade.

The 8: the machine tool positioning fixture and fixture is equipped with, in the grinding of different thickness of the CCD does not need to adjust the camera position, improve work efficiency.

9, lubrication system: lubrication system using intermittent automatic lubrication system, the user can set the time of filling and refueling time interval, to ensure the service life of the screw rod.

Two, technical breakthrough point

1, grinding application software: the company developed by our own grinding software, you can set the tool angle, arc size and feed speed and other grinding parameters. In the center of the good tool, through the basic parameters of the grinding software set, the machine tool can automatically produce high precision cutting tool. All the parameters of the machine tool is managed by the database system, which is convenient to store and search through the processing procedure. The software is responsible for the interface between CNC system and communication, the software interface of the grinding wheel parameters, tool parameters and processing parameters (such as feed rate, feed rate and residence time) integrated NC code (G code), transmitted to the CNC system, the machine automatically finish grinding. The software has four kinds of cycle can be used for any combination: 1) in the grinding, 2) right edge grinding, 3) left grinding, 4) all grinding. Can respond to all customer requirements, and to minimize the time grinding air.

2, grinding wheel automatic dressing: grinding wheel automatic dressing device installed on the end face of the grinding wheel, in the compressed air driven, the diamond grinding wheel for automatic trimming and cleaning. In order to provide dressing efficiency and reduce the impact of grinding wheel dressing, the dressing device is "not only into the back of the body, with the end point of each dressing as a starting point next to dressing, until the dressing wheel life before the end of the starting point of return.

3, the online measuring device: the contact type measuring device installed in the pneumatic folding bracket, avoiding interference with grinding work, need to measure, in the drive of NC program tool for grinding is measured, the measured value and the set value for the amount of wear difference between sand wheel, automatic the compensation to the thickness of the grinding wheel.

Three, BT-150D diamond tool grinding tool grinding application software package

1, package 1: single point tool software package, the software package for the diamond grinding tool of typical tool grinding can be composed of two straight edges and a transition arc. The straight edge grinding, the grinding wheel swing position, swing frequency, amplitude can be arbitrarily set in the program that can be selected according to the feed speed, the durability and the conditions of the grinding wheel feed rate and residence time. The safety distance of each side can be set, and the time of air grinding can be reduced. These parameters can be continuously optimized, and then stored in the database for the use of day.

2, package 2: single arc tool software package, the software package for the tool is composed of a convex arc edge and a straight edge, the tool includes: wheel cutter, forming cutter etc.. Cutting edge number can be arbitrarily added, unrestricted. Grinding sequence can be arbitrarily arranged, the process data can be edited, these parameters can be continuously optimized, and then stored in the database for the use of.

3, software package 3: outline tool package, the package supports AUTO

  • Place of Origin:  beijing
  • Brand Name:  demina
  • Model Number:  BT-150D
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